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Underpinning economic prosperity

Individually and collectively our clients play a critical role in their markets and the economy more broadly.

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Individually and collectively our clients play a critical role in their markets and the economy more broadly. We are delighted to be able to support them in achieving their objectives through the provision of robust, compliant, technology enabled solutions alongside relevant market insight and advice.

Confidence plays a huge part in the success of a properly functioning market and we believe that the role we play in

  • protecting investors,
  • safeguarding assets and
  • facilitating the free flow of capital

ensures that we are helping underpin the operating environment that enables an economy to prosper.

Confidence in our services has helped us attain market leading positions in the markets we serve:

  • We are the largest independent alternative asset manager in the UK, responsible for £76bn of assets
  • We have an unrivalled suite of ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Fitch in our debt servicing business where we service £102bn of debt
  • We are share registrar to 42% of main market listed companies in the UK.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our 4,500 clients operate across the full market spectrum; from individuals to Government, from green energy infrastructure to fintech start-ups, from angel investors to main market issuers of equity, from originators of complex financial instruments to acquirers of debt.

Collectively we help our partners with the management and administration of assets worth more than £600bn, and each year make income and capital distributions to asset owners and investors of more than £20bn.

With the continuing search for investment alpha these monies are increasingly being used to acquire more complex and/or esoteric assets; we are well equipped to assist with these through origination, fund sourcing, acquisition, structuring, loan servicing and asset realisation.

The capital markets are central to a properly functioning economy and are at the heart of our business. They help drive job creation, innovation and financial security, with the downstream benefit of tax contributions that allow communities to access the funding and infrastructure necessary to provide critical services to all.

We leverage our unique range of growth enabling capabilities, support all stages of the capital markets cycle, and use our insight and expertise to deliver better outcomes for our clients and their customers. Together we enable businesses to flourish, people to buy their dream homes, save for a more comfortable retirement, safeguard their assets, gain access to relevant social and healthcare infrastructure, transport critical medical and other supplies to disaster areas, and contribute more fully to the broader community.

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