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Shareholder information

We offer share portals, investor information forms and FAQ for those who own shares and are looking to manage them. If you are signed up to a share scheme that is run by Capita, you can find the contact details and links to log in below. 

Choose the relevant country to log into share portals and manage your shareholdings. This includes updating your share details, buying, selling or transferring shares. You can also find the relevant information for donating your shares, indemnity and currency election. 

If you cannot log into the share portal and have questions about your shareholdings, you can also find contact details for our shareholder services team.

If you're looking to settle an estate that Capita manages, please email willsandestates@capita.co.uk.  

To manage shares after bereavement, please see our Bereavement Guide under UK shareholder information.

To change your address, log into Share Portal, fill out a change of address form, or contact us by clicking on the relevant shareholder information page below.